The Zen Journey

Whether you join us once or more often, regular meditation practice transforms your life and leads to greater peace and happiness. Joining a community of meditators reinforces and informs your practice and helps keep you on “The Path”. We hope you will take your first steps on this journey with us.

A regular daily sitting practice is best even if you sit for short periods in the beginning. Mindfulness practice is something you can take into your whole life and do all the time. You will begin to notice small changes quite soon if you are diligent about your practice. You may notice you are less reactive or less irritable. You may find you are simply happier.

Liturgy and ritual
Every Sunday we hold service in which we chant and offer incense to the essence of Buddha, the Oneness of all beings. Chanting is a wonderful way to experience the oneness of community. Throw yourself into it! Chant with all your being! Zen ritual lifts us out of small mind and connects us to each other and the universe.

Heart Circle Sangha is committed to practice through service to others. We do not practice for ourselves, but for others. We take care of each other when the need arises. We find ways to serve our community through hospice work and other opportunities. We participate in global causes through giving and other means. Heart Circle Sangha has been involved in relief efforts in Sri Lanka since the 2004 tsunami.

Retreats and workshops
We offer multiple levels of retreats each year. We have several one day retreats, several weekend retreats and two long residential retreats. Each of these is an opportunity to settle your mind and experience the depth of practice.

We also offer one day workshops. We have held workshops on Relationship, on Loving Your Anxious Self, on Meeting the Deathless, on Zen Cooking and are planning to hold future events on topics such as Zen at Work and Zen Parenting.

Experience of Oneness
The Zen journey leads to an experience of Oneness, of being connected profoundly to all in our universe. We experience the world through an open heart. We realize the compassion and wisdom of the Buddha are ours and that we, indeed, are the Buddha.