Oct 2-9: Fall Retreat at The Grail

119 Duncan Ave
Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY 12520

Registration 5:30pm Friday, 10/2/15
7 day retreat ends at 10:30am Fri., 10/9/15
Weekend retreat ends at 4:00pm Sun, 10/4/15

Heart Circle Sangha offers an opportunity to deepen your practice with our spring sesshin. Sesshin is a retreat that provides an intensive meditation experience in the company and support of experienced Zen practitioners. If this is your first retreat, we will guide and support you through it.

Fall at The Grail is a beautiful time of year. We have walking and sitting meditation outside as the weather allows. Breathing the energizing fall air, we walk along roads lined with trees in autumn colors.

We prepare and share delicious vegetarian meals together, oroyoki style. Afternoons we experience the Practice of Immediacy with art practice or meditation. There are many opportunities for personal interviews with Sensei and daily dharma talks to offer words of encouragement. Because the sesshin offers the opportunity to go deep, koan practice can be very rewarding in this environment. We also have Council practice during which we share our retreat experience.

There are many opportunities for personal interviews with Roshi. Each morning Roshi or senior students offer dharma talks. We also have Council practice on Sunday and Thursday afternoons during which we share our retreat experience with each other.

This year our study theme will be Dogen and our dharma talks will have a Dogen Zenji theme. Optional reading material is Moon in a Dewdrop.

Since meals will be oriyoki style, please bring your bowls. We have bowls available for rental ($20) or purchase ($40). For an insight into oryoki go to for an introduction or review.

If you are curious about the Practice of Immediacy check out the web page of Jikyo Roshi who created this practice: This practice helps one go beyond self imposed limitations. Following the flow of the present moment it fosters openness and exploration. It's fun! Please join us for all or part of this sesshin.

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Oct/Nov: Meeting the Buddha Series

Heart Circle Sangha
451 Hillcrest Road
Ridgewood, NJ

Mondays 7-8:30pm followed by 30 minutes of optional meditation

Class 1 October 19: Suffering
A discussion of all the ways we suffer unnecessarily. Introduction to sitting meditation.

Class 2 October 26: Cause of Suffering
A discussion of how we are driven by the many faces of our ego: by our expectations, by competition, by craving and by grasping.

Class 3 November 2: Cessation of Suffering
An exploration of how we can work with those parts of ourselves that cause us to suffer.

Class 4 November 9: Living Ethically
Liberation is possible through non-attachment to our desires. How do we really do that? Ethical living makes us happy.

Class 5 November 16: Oneness
Seeing into the the interconnected world. Understanding no self. Wheel of Awareness meditation.

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Class 1: Suffering
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Class 2: Cause of Suffering
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Class 3: Cessation Suffering
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Class 4: Living Ethically
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Class 5: Oneness
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