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Earthquake and Tsunami devastates Japan

The photos and videos from Japan following the earthquake and tsunami are heart rending. Whole villages washed away. I look out my window at my own backyard and imagine, “A neighborhood like my own.” What is it to suddenly be … Continue reading

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Healing Trauma in Sri Lanka

In response to the trauma suffered by Sri Lankans in the tsunami of December 26, 2004, Zen teacher and psychotherapist Joan Hogetsu Hoeberichts traveled to Sri Lanka to help introduce a form of group therapy called “Council.” Hoeberichts and other … Continue reading

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Hospice Training at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood NJ

A personal experience of the training program offered at Valley Hospital Hospice for Doulas for the End of Life. The training includes preparation for each trainee’s imagined death and elicits memories of the death’s of the trainee’s own loved ones. It prepares the volunteer to be with dying and to provide the support the family will need. Continue reading

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