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Zen has many mental health benefits.

Chirping crickets

Noise inside my head. Zazen brings the quiet mind hearing crickets chirp. (9/5/12)   {a pun:} share: Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace share via Reddit … Continue reading

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Mindfulness hike in the mountains

Last month I took my children on what I called a “mindfulness hike.” Where we live, there are many great hiking trails in and around the Ramapo Mountains. I decided to take them to a favorite trail at the historic Long … Continue reading

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One bite at a time

Last Sunday I presented a talk for the Sangha on the topic of mindful eating. Just as we can find satisfaction in each moment, when eating we can be happy with each mouthful, with each chew. One bite at a … Continue reading

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When things fall apart

With some problems that some of us are having (I won’t say where, leaving room for speculation), one of my friends said he didn’t sleep all night the other night and had bad dreams. As he tossed and tumbled all … Continue reading

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Enjoy the walk

After a day of intense computer work, I decided to stop on my way home at the Celery Farm Nature Preserve in Allendale, NJ, as a break from human stress and concerns. When I approached the little dirt parking lot … Continue reading

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Full enjoyment of eating

It is funny how much I’ve changed in the last few years. Carol and I drove out to Long Island to visit a restaurant that used to be among my favorites places to eat. It was an all-you-can-eat Japanese sushi … Continue reading

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Running from pain

Certainly anyone who has suffered with addiction knows that most of human suffering is just wanting to escape. I’ve learned with help from others that: When I’m in pain instead of running or resisting, maybe first try to experience the … Continue reading

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This is all there is

One night last week I woke up anxious about a task I’d left undone at work, something that might cause problems for other people. Full of tension, I was unable to stop thinking about the problem I’d created. Then I … Continue reading

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Crabs, River Currents and Business Life in New York City

Lately, I’ve been so busy at it work, it’s almost a parody of itself. Some days, my time is scripted down to 15 minute intervals.  In the main, I enjoy it, but it does promote a kind of breathless, run-to-the-next … Continue reading

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