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I began to practice some time in the early summer of 2009. I came to Zen at my lovely wife's prompting and with a (very) skeptical attitude. However, Zen quickly clicked for me and I can't imagine life without this practice.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

If a tree falls in the forest and a Zen Buddhist isn’t around to hear it, does it make a sound? I was at a family gathering recently and we had been talking about religion for much of the evening.  … Continue reading

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Crabs, River Currents and Business Life in New York City

Lately, I’ve been so busy at it work, it’s almost a parody of itself. Some days, my time is scripted down to 15 minute intervals.  In the main, I enjoy it, but it does promote a kind of breathless, run-to-the-next … Continue reading

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Eating Bananas Mindfully

I’m always trying to be mindful. I’m try to pay attention to how I walk, what people say, the sound of the subway, the heat coming off my keyboard as I type…  I’d say I’m about 1,000% more mindful now … Continue reading

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