Inspiration Ripples Unknown

Long ago,
my neighbor, two doors down,
a woman of many decades,
drove to her family in Vermont.
The steep hills and ridges of suburbia,
no problem for this young mother then,
yet knowing,
one day,
I too might be
a woman of many decades,
banishing my fear,
and like a being
looking into the abyss,
entered the world of drivers.
The woman never knew.

A Dharma brother,
fighting the ravages of AIDS,
doing retreats,
with bags of refrigerated medicine,
going on lone camping trips,
doing zazen,
in the wilderness,
eating from his bowls,
in the wilderness.
I too would do that,
with a trusty tent,
and the ripples of inspiration
from a friend who didn’t know.

And now, my dear Dharma friend,
soon to be a teacher,
already teaching,
with his body,
exuding ancient peak energy,
has passed on,
his presence ripples unknown,
his inspiration ripples unknown.

Obstacles, obstacles, obstacles,
beyond fear,
beyond age,
beyond illness,
beyond death,

About kesho

Kesho is liaison for new members and coordinator for meditation instruction at Heart Circle Sangha.
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