Two by Tansui


The ferns are on their way out now; yellow, brown, a few green holdouts.

This ancient plant: somewhere in its DNA, dinosaurs roam.

Now I see these ferns lushly green in summertime; tall, too, waist-high on me.

That which came beforeā€”it isn’t gone.


Ferns at the Grail House (photo: Tansui)

Sesshin sounds

Bird song and squeaky saliva sounds mingle with imaginary conversations about work.

Which is most welcome in Buddha’s house? Which is the guest unwanted?

Not for me to say.

Our substance is the same.


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I've been an active meditator for over 10 years with Heart Circle Sangha, a warm and supportive Zen practice center in suburban New Jersey. Led by our teacher, Joan Hogetsu Hoeberichts, the Sangha offers a place to start a meditation practice and then to deepen that practice over the years.
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