Easter for the Buddhist

I feel funny saying I am anything these days, but as I get ready to celebrate Easter with my family, having been raised Roman Catholic, I am contemplating what it is that I do that is “spiritual,” other than conceding that I am a “practicing zen buddhist.”. And even conceding that, I ask myself what that can possibly mean. Well, I suppose that means I am “staying present” which leads to the question of how and why I came to believe that doing just that could alleviate suffering–mine, as well as yours. Well, Yes, this is what I do in fact believe and try to manifest as best I can on a daily basis. And as I prepare for hosting Easter dinner with my family, many of whom are staunch believers in God and biblical scripture, I get a little nervous thinking about how to defend my behavior without the fixed grounding of the written Word. I will be asked just what it is that guides and helps me through Life. They will certainly not understand what “following the dharma” means or how it changes lives. Perhaps I need not to defend myself in any way at all, aside from practicing dharma and nonattachment with them, as well as all that I encounter, and letting them decide for themselves, as if even that matters. I will say to myself, however, that I am indeed celebrating Easter, after all, and so perhaps I ought to silently contemplate the Resurrection and what that means for me as a practicing buddhist. Just what is it that I can resurrect when I in fact let go, presumably as Christ did when he let go of everything? Yes, the final letting go, and, hopefully for me, the letting go that goes on from moment to moment to moment…, in that state of absolute poverty, as perhaps Thomas Merton would put it, where I may find absolute joy and abundance–yours as well as mine.

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    I am Bob. Hear me roar.

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