Unpoem — Impermanence

This is an unpoem
about unpractice.
Yesterday, in Starbucks,
a woman with a toddler
sat at my table.
The child was adorable,
the mother attentive and caring,
a pleasure to watch.
I thought of saying,
“This is a cliche,
you’ve probably heard
a gazillion times,
but it is true —
Enjoy this now,
because it goes so fast,
changes so quickly.”
Instead, as she began to leave,
I just said, “Enjoy!”

Seeing the changing landscape
of one’s life,
the stages and ages,
does this come from practice,
or is it a function
of having lived and looked and seen?

A poem
about unpractice.

Follow-up to unpoem:

I think that awareness of impermanence is the driving force behind our lives, whether we have a spiritual practice or not, whether we are aware of it or not. We have many ways of dealing with impermanence, some of them not so healthy. In the movie, “Moonstruck,” a woman whose husband is having an affair, asks another character, “Why do men cheat?” The answer that he gives is, “Because they’re afraid of death.”

Follow-up to the follow-up:
The chicken or egg conundrum.

Do people come to Zen practice because they want to understand impermanence or does understanding of impermanence bring them to Zen practice?

About kesho

Kesho is liaison for new members and coordinator for meditation instruction at Heart Circle Sangha.
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3 Responses to Unpoem — Impermanence

  1. Carmine says:

    As Warren Zevon said, “Enjoy every sandwich”!

  2. James Jakudo Shammas says:

    Is practice enlightenment or is enlightenment practice? Is enlightened practice the same as practiced enlightenment? What is healthy versus unhealthy practice? Can I fidget, sweat and swear, or should I be a zen zombie, lifeless as a stone? What do I do when you are in my face? Moving on, one can ask, is their progress in our practice, or not? Where do you stand? Will Sensei give me a turning word, or do I turn her with my own response? I’m in your face right now, entwining vines entwining vines…

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