Doorless Door

There is a tape called “The Mysterious Guest” that I keep in my Walkman. I used to listen to it on a regular basis but now I only turn it on from time to time. It’s about a host who is inside his house and a guest, a spiritual teacher, who comes and helps him “fly.” When I turned it on early this morning, while I was still in bed, it was at the part where the host is at the doorway and the guest is bidding him to leave his house.

This tape always speaks to me, always resonates, and I see more and more in it each time I listen to it. Today I thought of how we often just stay in our own social/cultural/economic milieu — stay “inside” where the host is. It’s safe there. I thought of how working at Friends For Life with people who are living on the edge can be an eye-opener, how it was stepping outside the door for me when I first went there. It was a real stretch and I thought of it as “practicing the edge.” If we remain in our own small world, we can’t “fly.”

As often happens for me when I have access to this other great mystical tradition, it impacts upon my Zen practice. And, since it was so early in the morning, right after waking up, it began to present itself as a poem. I call this poem, “Doorless Door,” after “The Gateless Gate.”

Doorless Door

Stepping outside the door
I can fly
Inside — safe, cozy, nest.
Standing on the threshold,
I pause.
Do I look back,
Turning into salt
like Lot’s wife,
or losing my loved one
like Orpheus.
Dropping all notions
I cross the threshold
G Off

No inside,
No outside.

About kesho

Kesho is liaison for new members and coordinator for meditation instruction at Heart Circle Sangha.
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2 Responses to Doorless Door

  1. jenny robertson says:

    i am in the process of learning many new things on my spiritual path and one of them being meditation. do u have beginner instruction for meditation?? or classes on buddhism?? for beginners? thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Hi, Jenny,

      Yes, we have beginning meditation instruction every Sunday morning at 9. Can you make it then? Give us a call at 877-442-7936 if you have more questions or to let us know that you’re coming.

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