One bite at a time

Last Sunday I presented a talk for the Sangha on the topic of mindful eating. Just as we can find satisfaction in each moment, when eating we can be happy with each mouthful, with each chew. One bite at a time.

I am trying to practice what I preached: not even thinking of taking the next forkful till I’ve thoroughly chewed and then swallowed what I’ve already got. I’ve noticed that this practice calms my mind almost immediately. If I can lose a few pounds, all the better.

About Alan

I've been an active meditator for over 10 years with Heart Circle Sangha, a warm and supportive Zen practice center in suburban New Jersey. Led by our teacher, Joan Hogetsu Hoeberichts, the Sangha offers a place to start a meditation practice and then to deepen that practice over the years.
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