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To help spread the word about our “Zen gem” here in the suburbs of New Jersey, I’ve created a listing at

( is a “hyperlocal” news source that has strong coverage here in North Jersey.)

Please check out the link and let us know what you think. All you newcomers to Zen and meditation—does the listing above seem welcoming to you? Experienced practitioners—are we striking the right balance between accessibility to new meditators and our commitment to authentic, rigorous Zen practice? Post comments below.

With the harshness that seems to be spreading in society, and conflicts that are arising, we all need a source of sanity in our lives. Find sanity in your meditation practice with the support of a strong group like Ridgewood’s own Heart Circle Sangha.

Welcome sign at Heart Circle Sangha, Zen in Ridgewood, NJ

Welcome sign at Heart Circle Sangha, Zen in Ridgewood, NJ

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I've been an active meditator for over 10 years with Heart Circle Sangha, a warm and supportive Zen practice center in suburban New Jersey. Led by our teacher, Joan Hogetsu Hoeberichts, the Sangha offers a place to start a meditation practice and then to deepen that practice over the years.
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