The interesting thing about awakening

The interesting thing about awakening, seeing clearly, enlightenment or whatever. You can never again blame others for your emotions.

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  1. James Jakudo Shammas says:

    I guess that’s true. If one TRULY EXPERIENCES oneself as not separate from ANYTHING than blaming someone for anything one feels is as ridiculous as yelling at the clouds for raining (Unless you praise them because you are a midwest farmer in the midst of a drought!). Oh, but how difficult it is to bring this great notion of interdependence and emptiness from head to the heart level! Am I really feeling this peace in the midst of a busy day (For me, this is seeing sometimes 20 sick hospital patients, and their sad families, per day.)? My buttons are pushed constantly. And, so I suppose, this is where practice comes in. After 5 to 6 years of overall good practice, I’m still trying to convince myself that daily practice–even briefly–is critical; it is truly like exercising one’s spiritual muscles and keeping my spiritual condition up, as they say in AA rooms. Dogen allows me some some slack, too: Since practice is enlightenment, I need not worry about fruits of practice in terms of traditional concepts of gain or loss. So I am no committing to sitting for an hour a day: morning, evening, or at lunch in the office, and I am feeling “results.” All this samsaric stuff is still brewing, but in a more open, larger container, much of which I experience with fellow suffering humans like me. Imagine that!: Just like me! And that’s awakening!

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