Running from pain

Certainly anyone who has suffered with addiction knows that most of human suffering is just wanting to escape. I’ve learned with help from others that: When I’m in pain instead of running or resisting, maybe first try to experience the discomfort. It’s the pain that won’t hurt you. but running always seems to be a problem. What could be clearer?

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  1. James Jakudo Shammas says:

    When I stopped drinking alcohol 10 years ago, I was getting some counseling and I was told that when I had a bad day to just let myself have a bad day. I fell off my chair! I thought I was in the driver’s seat for the last 40 years. I was around age 40, but emotionally somewhere around age 6! (Or perhaps ageless, like God) Oh, OK, you mean just sit with it?! It will pass? Well, that was my first real meditation instruction, from a young, dedicated social worker, and now I’ve been “sitting” daily ever since.


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