Eating Bananas Mindfully

I’m always trying to be mindful. I’m try to pay attention to how I walk, what people say, the sound of the subway, the heat coming off my keyboard as I type…  I’d say I’m about 1,000% more mindful now than I was only a year ago (before I started practicing) and maybe about 1% as mindful as I ought to be … but I’m working on it 🙂

Mindfulness hasn’t extended so well to eating.  Many times I find myself in line, waiting to buy lunch, paying very close attention to everything around and being “in the moment.” I’ll promise to myself, “when I get the slice of pizza, by Jove, I’m going to eat that thing mindfully!”  And just about as many times, I find myself 15 minutes later tossing a paper plate into the garbage and realize I have no memory of eating at all…

Recently, I was in NYC at Penn Station and bought a banana to go along with my bagel.  This time, I managed to keep hold of my mindful eating promise for once.  As I carefully ate the banana, I realized something – I didn’t like it.  I didn’t like the taste, the consistency – pretty much anything about it :). 

It was interesting to imagine how that banana made its way from wherever it grew to Penn Station and all the hands that touched it directly or indirectly so that I could pay 50 cents for the privilege of eating it near the A train and 34th street.  But was all that imagining just a way to evade thinking about how I really didn’t like the banana?

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I began to practice some time in the early summer of 2009. I came to Zen at my lovely wife's prompting and with a (very) skeptical attitude. However, Zen quickly clicked for me and I can't imagine life without this practice.
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2 Responses to Eating Bananas Mindfully

  1. Alan says:

    If I ate mindfully I’d only need half as much food. I bet half of my eating is to meet emotional, not physical, needs. In your case, you could have done without the banana!

  2. James Jakudo Shammas says:

    I hate bananas too!

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